Custom T-Shirt Quilt Ordering Info

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Custom T-Shirt Quilt FAQs

How does the ordering process work?

For Midnight Quilting Company, the process for ordering a t-shirt quilt is as follows:

1. You will fill out a Custom T-Shirt Quilt Request Form choosing the options for your quilt. Once you have received verification from me, you will receive a shipping address and instructions on shipping your shirts.

2. When your shirts arrive, I will review the shirts and verify with you the size quilt your t-shirts can make. If you want a bigger quilt, but don't have quite enough shirts, we can discuss border options. If you have too many shirts for the size quilt you want, you will need to communicate which shirts to eliminate.

3. Once we have the details ironed out, you will receive an invoice for 50% of your quilt total. This must be paid in order for me to proceed with making your quilt.

4. Once your quilt is complete, you will receive an e-mail with a picture of your finished quilt and an invoice for the remainder of your balance. This must be paid before your quilt will be shipped to you.



How many shirts do I need?

Quilt Size Measurements of finished quilt  Quantity of shirts needed
Lap Quilt 44" - 52" x 44" - 52" 15 - 20
Small Throw 56" - 64" x 56" - 64" 20 - 25
Large Throw 64" - 72" x 64" - 72" 25 - 35
Twin 60" - 64" x 80" - 84" 30 - 40
Full 80" - 84" x 92" - 96" 40 - 50

How much will my quilt cost?

The below pricing includes cotton batting, flannel backing, and a standard (4" x 6") custom embroidered label with your t-shirt quilt.

A 50% deposit is required before work on your quilt begins. The remainder of the balance is due before your quilt will ship.

 Quilt Size Pricing*
Lap (44" - 52" x 44" - 52") $360
Small Throw (56" - 64" x 54" - 64") $440
Large Throw (64" - 72" x 64" - 72") $500
Twin (60" - 64" x 80" - 84") $580
Full (80" - 84" x 92" - 96") $650


*Pricing subject to change at quilter's discretion based on special requests, excessive order revisions, layout preview requests, etc.

What choices do I have for personalizing my quilt?

You will have many options to customize your quilt beyond just choosing a size!

On the Custom T-Shirt Quilt Request Form, you are also able to choose:

  • The color/pattern of your flannel backing fabric.
  • The color of your binding that wraps around the entire edge of your quilt.
  • What you would like your custom embroidered label to say along with choosing colors and fonts!
  • Which shirts (if any) you'd like featured in your quilt layout (for example: you can let me know if you'd like one specific graphic to be in the center, or if you'd like certain graphics to be next to each other.)

How long will it take for my quilt to be made?

Custom t-shirt quilts will typically take 4-6 weeks to complete. This could vary based on order volume, proximity to holidays, etc.